Video Journeys



This section will have 6+ videos showing participant journeys, and narratives / interview extracts.

It will also contain some written reflection / content about the making process.

Below is a small selection of films shot, edited and narrated by a team of visually impaired activists, along with sighted researchers and film makers. The videos were captured between 2014 and 2016, and have been drawn from a wider database of videos capturing VI young people’s everyday journeys.

To produce these films we ran three intensive workshops with participants, in which we reviewed, discussed, edited and narrated the films to tell six different stories. The film making and research team then worked together to weave these elements in six short films. All music has been composed by the project’s participants and the stories are told in their own words.

To view the films with Audio description, click on the separate AD link (or however we decide to do it)

These Video Journeys form a small but growing archive of films capturing the everyday experiences of VI Londoners. If you have a visual impairment, and would like to share your videos / photos / audio / stories of journeys around London, please write to _________ to add them to the archive.