Below is a list of organisations and projects which can provide advice, information and support in relation to transport accessibility and VI. Links will open in separate tabs.


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ORGANISATION: RSBC-Royal Society for Blind Children

RSBC provides visually impaired children with a combination of support,learning and development opportunities to help them develop the resilience and skills they will need to navigate their own futures.

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WEBSITE: Transport for All

Transport for All (TfA) is the organisation of disabled and older people dedicated to champion the rights of disabled and older people to travel with freedom and independence in London.


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Walking Interconnections is an AHRC Connected Communities research project that recognises and responds to the fact that disabled people’s voices have been largely absent from the sustainability debate. 


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This paper "develop the proposition that shared space can be characterised as ‘disembodied urban design’ that fails to capture the complexity of corporeal form and the manifold interactions of bodies-in-space."