VI Mobilities logo consist of the shape of the Underground logo colored out in dark blue, with the letters V, I, M, in braille displayed inside in yellow.


A key priority for us is to ensure this website and its contents are as accessible as possible to as wide a range of users as possible.

We recognise that ensuring access is an ongoing process and therefore welcome all feedback and suggestions for how this site can be improved. If you have any comments about the site’s accessibility please send them to and we will try to make appropriate changes.

Whilst designing the website, we carried out online research and consulted with VI users, and staff at RSBC. We then trialled the site with a range of different users, and implemented their recommendations where possible.


· Assistive Technology ·

You should be able to access this site’s information using assistive technology, like JAWS (Job Access With Speech), NVDA (Non Visual Desktop Access), ZoomText, and Dragon Naturally Speaking. It should also be usable with screen magnifiers and your operating system’s speech recognition software.


· Alt Text ·

All relevant images should have descriptive alt text attributed to them


· Videos ·

All videos are audio described and/or narrated with subtitles


· Headings ·

We have ensured that all pages of the website have the correct heading structure and are therefore easy to navigate with screen readers and keyboard controls.


· Text contrast and size ·

We have used a minimum contrast of 4.5:1 for text and background contrasts. We have used a minimum font size of 14, which can be enlarged by 200% using your browser’s magnification tool.


· Colours ·

We have tried to choose bold and clear colours throughout the website. It may be possible for you to change the colour scheme to one which is better suited to you using your browser. This link provides information on how to change the colours:


· Links ·

We have tried to make the purpose of any links we have included clear. All links will open in the same tab unless otherwise specified (as on the resources page).