VI Mobilities logo consist of the shape of the Underground logo colored out in dark blue, with the letters V, I, M, in braille displayed inside in yellow.

About VI Everyday Mobilities


This website emerged from a collaborative research project between the Transport Studies Unit at the University of Oxford and young people based at the Royal Society for Blind Children (RSBC). During the project, VI Londoners (aged 18 – 26) used GoPro cameras to film their everyday journeys through the city, recording over 20 hours of footage. They then edited and narrated their videos making a series of short films, which show both good and bad experiences of travelling around London. The videos share moments of in/accessibility, interdependence, care, connection, frustration, support, and pride.

This site aims to provide a forum for young VI people to continue sharing and talking about their experiences, as well as raising awareness of these experiences amongst transport planners, practitioners, travel assistants, and the public.



‘We have our own method, our own different ways and different methods of doing things’ 

Ali, Research Participant